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"I absolutely loved the Reset program. The weekly shopping list and meal plans were easy to follow and the food was delicious. After completing the plan, my sugar cravings have gone, my skin is clearer and I have so much more energy. It was the reset my body needed!" Paige D.

"OMG!!! Meals that good should come with a warning!" Leigh E.

If you’re sick of feeling average, lacking energy, motivation and struggling with weight, this is the perfect program for you:

• You don’t skip or replace meals • You get to eat real food, the whole time • You won’t feel deprived • It’s only 21-days

It all starts Monday April 29, 2019!

What do you get in the 21-day Reset?

  • 21-day meal plan
  • simple, easy to prepare recipes
  • a daily checklist to keep you on track
  • access to a private facebook group
  • a supportive community of like-minded resetters
  • program booklet to guide you through the 21-days
  • self care calendar
  • food plan template
  • plus weekly videos from me

Who am I?

I’m Jess a registered nutritionist. 

I work with clients one-on-one to help them feel amazing, but I understand that it is cost prohibitive for some. That’s why I created the 21-Day Reset. It allows me to teach these nutrition basics to you and guide you on the food to eat, so that you can feel good again.

Can't remember where you've seen my name before? I frequently write nutrition based blogs for:

  • Lorna Jane // Move Nourish Believe
  • Triple-White (Stylerunners online magazine)
  • Billabong Women's Australia

Commit 100%

I don't want you to join the 21-day Reset and then only half commit (you kind of follow along but not really).  

I want you to get results.  

So if you’re ready to:  

  • feel good again
  • regain your lost energy
  • enhance your sluggish digestion
  • clear up your skin
  • improve your sleep
  • end the bloating
  • lose weight

Then you know what to do...

"If you're thinking of doing the reset, go for it, you and the whole family will reap the benefits."

"The food was delicious and satisfying! Having the video's was informative and like having Jess there in the room with me."

Rachel M.

Jillian M.

“I lost 1kg in the first week! I never realised how much my food was impacting my health. Thank you, you're amazing!”

Angela L.

"After having had my third (and final) baby I was keen to do the 21-day Reset to kickstart and nourish my body to a healthier me, I was not disappointed."

Paige D.